STAMPEDE! Spring 2017





What the heck happened to 2016? I swore I was going to be better at updating our website but I guess that’s what I get for swearing! Here it is a year later and last year seems like a giant blur.


I can say this, WOW, WHAT A YEAR IT WAS!!!  I do remember that much. It was a year for the record books for us. We hit what will probably be our all-time high for number of performances in a year and looking back on it, I can understand why it seems like a blur. You know the saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun”? That describes 2016 for us. It was a year of new places, new faces, new music and lots of it…to the tune of just under 600 performances!!! That’s right…600…that means over 600 hours of music, 600 hours of standing on our feet (which explains my funky toes!) and then all the travel time to and from all these wonderful places. But you know what? We wouldn’t trade this for anything in this world. We have the absolute best job in the entire world. We meet the best people, see the best scenery on our drives and always leave with the warmest hearts. We may not make the BIG bucks but we feel like the richest people in the world from the love that we get back, the smiles, the tapping toes, the clapping hands, the tears, the stories that are shared about the memories that we bring back. How can you beat that?!? You can’t.


Update on the 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan. She’s still hanging in there but somebody needs to come up with a windshield that will repel rocks. We’re sporting a few beauty marks and due to the winter weather that we had this year, one of those beauty marks has turned in to a full-fledged stretch mark! Yup, stretches 8” across so we have a new windshield in our very near future. She’s still going strong nearing the 225,000 mile mark. We see no reason to trade her in for something newer as it would seem like trading a member of the family.


We added a new (to us) vehicle to our family last year. Our good friends, Jennifer Epps and Judy Coder from the great bands The Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band and Notable Exceptions were upgrading their motor home so we took the previous one off their hands and we now have a home on wheels…it gives new meaning to “Home on the Range”...or the beach, or the trail or…It’s our Beach Home; I always wanted a house on the beach and now I have one and it can go to any beach I want or park in a parking lot and let it act as a motel room!


As stated in our last update, there aren’t many dates that show up on our calendar but there are some so make sure to keep checking it. And if you have an upcoming event and would like to have us come or a house concert in your area, give us a call. We love to travel and we love to meet people and sing our songs.


This year is starting out with a bang! Over 400 dates on our calendar already but this year I’m not going to let it get as high as last year…and then again maybe I will. I’ll just have to hire someone else to mow the lawn.


So far this year we’ve made one trip up to Idaho…Hagerman to be exact. Always a great time there. Every March there’s a cowboy gathering so put it on your calendar for next year…I think it’s the 3rd weekend. We also spent a week in Santa Maria, CA. Had a great time visiting with family and hanging out with my cousin Bubba from NM. Next up will be St. Anthony, ID for another cowboy gathering, or as we like to call it “a family reunion without relatives”.


Stay safe and healthy and we’ll hope to see you down the trail…or in a parking lot.


May the Horse be with you!


Steve and Terri Taylor


PO Box 944

Roy, UT 84067

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